Isaiah Peelle House

Look for the wooded front yard at the Isaiah Peele house. This is a private home, so please pull off the road in front of the house. Use your blinkers.

Isaiah Peele (1840-1905) and Susanna Miller Peele (1838-1916) moved here from their farm in the Grassy Run neighborhood in about 1877. They were active Quakers, interested in education, and he was in charge of the endowment funds of Wilmington College during the years after its founding in 1870. He was a son of Wiliam Peelle and Clarissa Starbuck Peelle. She was a daughter of Thomas Miller (1812-1906), a well-known Quaker minister who had served as an Indian Agent 1869-70 in Kansas and Oklahoma during the Grant Administration's Peace Policy.

Prairie Avenue and Prairie Road are named for the open grassland found in this area when the settlers arrived. While this area was mainly forest, there were buffalo grazing on this prairie, probably kept open in the past by burning by the Indians who formerly lived or hunted here.



640 Prairie Avenue, Wilmington, OH 45177