Lytle’s Creek Quaker Cemetery (1818)

The old Lytle’s Creek Meeting House and school were located near where the water tower now stands.

Lytle’s Creek meeting was established in 1817. Three acres were donated by Richard Fallis for a meetinghouse, burial ground, and school. The first Monthly Meetings of Springfield Meeting were held jointly with Lytle’s Creek, alternating monthly. In 1869, Friends of Lytle’s Creek, having outgrown their meetinghouse purchased the vacant Methodist church in Ogden, and moved to that location. Ogden had grown due to the railroad station and post office and had become a village. The Meeting there was called eventually Ogden Friends Meeting.

The Lytle’s Creek Quaker Cemetery became overgrown after the Meeting was laid down. In the early 2000s, as the surrounding fields were developed into housing, the burial ground was cleared by heavy machinery and some of the recovered headstones were arranged on an artificial mound by the township. There were 106 known burials of Quaker pioneer families in the Lytle Creek Burial Grounds. Their locations are now lost.



444 S. Webb Road, Wilmington, Ohio ~ (at end of the road, by the water tower)