Madden House

This is a private home, so please pull off the road in front of the house. Use your blinkers.

The Maden (or Madden) family was among the earliest settlers in the Springfield Meeting community, purchasing over 400 acres of Survey #2371 just east of the Harvey settlement.

George Maden (1759-1823) was born near Philadelphia and lived in North Carolina. He came to the Springfield Meeting community with his second wife Elizabeth Carter Maden (b.1764), and their eight children and families. His oldest son, Eli Maden, and his wife, Hannah Harlan Maden, had come two years earlier. One First Day morning sitting in silent meeting, Hannah recognized the sound of a familiar cowbell, and knew that George and his family had arrived. Many of the Madden Quaker settlers are buried in the Lytle Creek Cemetery.

Note the similarity of this architecture to the mid-1700s house at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, which served as George Washington's headquarters.



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