May Harlan House

This is a private home, so please pull off the road in front of the house. Use your blinkers.

The extended Harlan family was among the earliest Quaker settlers in this region and they were among the founders of Springfield Meeting and Lytle Creek Meeting. They came with their widowed mother Edith Carter Harlan (1749-1830) from Rowan County North Carolina by wagon, following the Boone Road, arriving in 1807. Edith's seven sons and three daughters and their families all settled near one another.

Nearby are three more Harlan houses, two brick and one frame, built in the late 1800s. This house was probably built circa 1865 by Samuel Harlan (1829-1906), the son of settlers Enoch (1786-1866) and Elizabeth Harvey Harlan (1792-1875) and father of May Harland (1866-1958), who lived here all her life.



2604 Harlan-Carroll Rd, Waynesville, OH 45068