Miami Meeting Red Brick Meetinghouse (1836)

Across High Street from the White Brick Meetinghouse is this Red Brick one.

After the 1828 schism, called the Hicksite-Orthodox Division, the Hicksites retained the Meetinghouse, and the Orthodox group returned to the log meetinghouse and the property was divided. They built the Red Brick Meeting House in 1836, and the two Meetings worshipped side by side for nearly 100 years. In some families, some members were Orthodox and some Hicksite.

After the Orthodox Meeting (Miami Monthly Meeting of Wilmington Yearly Meting) was laid down in the 1940s, the Red Brick became the Social Room for the still active Hicksite Miami Meeting. The rear part was divided into two residential apartments.

The building is still used for community events as well.



407 High St, Waynesville, OH 45068 ~ (You can walk here from where you've parked for the other sites in this historic district.)