Dakin / Sabin Cemetery

This burial ground includes the graves of two Revolutionary War soldiers and ancestors of author Tennessee Williams.

In 1806, Mr. Preserved Fish Dakin (1749-1835) came from the borderlands of New York and Connecticut and purchased 2000 acres, about half of the J. Crain Survey #1994 for his “colony”. In addition to Preserved Dakin and three sons and one daughter, the other settlers from New York were the extended families Nickerson, Sabin, Birdsall, and Haynes.

Preserved Dakin had been disowned from Oblong Friends Meeting for participating in the Revolutionary War. He was reinstated, and in Ohio he became a member of nearby Springfield Friends Meeting. He is buried in the Springfield Friends cemetery, which is another stop on the byway.



(Route 73, on the north side of the road, just east of the intersection with Route 380)